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Article Submission


Have an awesome story to tell?  BruceGreySimcoe tourism operators and organizations are welcome to submit articles and ideas for our blog.  Before submitting your article or idea, please review the guidelines and criteria below.  
The blog posts are written as stories, 200 to 250 words, each with a photo. Each post features:
  • An experience (activity, event or destination) reflecting a demand generator or a unique or compelling experience with consumer appeal
  • One to two relevant DMMO(s) and/or operator(s)

Priority is given to posts supporting key features of RTO7’s seasonal marketing campaigns. More than one post on the same experience will be published; however each must have a different focus and feature different locale, DMMO(s) and/or operator(s). This ensures the depth and breadth of experiences and offerings across the region are featured. Blog posts with a more general or non-seasonal appeal are also published using the same criteria.

To engage consumers, each blog post has comment tools and can be shared via social media. Comments and dialogue are monitored by RTO7 and responded to as appropriate. DMMOs and operators are encouraged to participate with their own comments and social media postings.


Blog postings have three objectives, which are to:
  • Showcase the region and increase consumer awareness in an authentic, compelling manner and promote dialogue and sharing through comments and social media
  • Drive traffic to featured organizations - destination marketing and management organizations and operator websites - through direct links as well as through social media
  • Increase and leverage exposure and SEO – featured DMMOs and operators can leverage exposure by creating reciprocal links and sharing this content on their respective sites/pages

An over-arching objective is to feature many short blog posts so consumers are aware of the depth and breadth of attractions, events and activities across the region and create numerous touch points for organizations and operators. 


RTO7 is developing blog post topics in consultation with DMMOs and operators to ensure content (including facts and links) are accurate. Submission of ideas or draft blog posts and/or images is welcome subject to appropriate release.  We are looking for blog posts that:
  • Are seasonally appropriate and relevant to a large volume of visitors
    • Are relevant to the current season; these are prominently featured on the “Experiences” landing page
    • Provide a relevant lead into the next season; out-of-season posts will receive secondary placement
    • All posts will be archived
  • Provide information for a unique experience
  • Are emotive or evocative
  • Support an emerging tourism activity


All BruceGreySimcoe tourism stakeholders are welcome to submit blog post ideas, actual posts and/or supporting photos.  Draft blog posts, if accepted, are subject to editing by RTO7.  Submitted blog posts must:
  1. Be sent via e-mail 
  2. Be 200 – 250 words, written for the web, using an “advertorial” voice with focus on the experience
  3. Not be subject to copyright and approved for release to RTO7 for its unrestricted and perpetual use (including photos, if applicable)
  4. Feature at least one, maximum two operators
  5. Reference for links (not within story copy) one, maximum two constituent/relevant DMMOs where information relevant to the blog post can be found. RTO7 reserves the right to add DMMOs to the post as appropriate
  6. Include the following information:
  • Key contacts and coordinates for operator(s) and DMMO(s)
  • Links for relevant web sites, including social media pages
  • Relevant additional information on blog post points (to expedite editorial process)
  • Images: web-ready photos only, no operator logos

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