Fit and Fun – Enjoy Winter in Bruce County!

Posted by Making a Snowman / Richard Anderson, Four Seasons of Fun Contest Submission | Feb 19, 2013
Tempted to huddle indoors when the cold weather hits? Spend some time playing outdoors in Bruce County and fall in love with winter again.  Side effects include being fit and happy!
Cross country skiing is hailed as THE best winter workout activityTrails are spread all over the county and some of the best known are Hepworth's Sawmill Trails with a variety of trail types and skill levels.  If you don't own skis, rent them at a local outfitter; they will make sure you have the proper size boots, skis and poles.  They rent snowshoes, too, so no purchase necessary if you're new to either of these sports.  Snowshoeing or cross country skiing make great family outings, too, as they're easily mastered by all age groups.
Other choice routes are MacGregor Point Provincial Park (a jewel of a park open all year round), Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area, the Bruce Trail and the Bruce Peninsula National Park (skiers and snowshoers welcome though the park's not open).  Note that if you're the first one on these routes, you’ll be "breaking trail" – keep an eye out for trail markers along your way.  On calm days, ski or snowshoe along Lake Huron's frozen shoreline – you'll want your camera to capture the beautiful natural ice sculptures.
Hiking and walking require no equipment and are easy to do with others.  Bundle up warm and wear sturdy boots with a good tread.  A great day's outing is a hike through MacGregor Park; feed the chickadees and skate a lap or two on the outdoor loop.  Warm up in the heated cabin close by the rink.  There are plenty more awesome trails to tramp and explore in Bruce.
Gather up family, friends, toboggans and sleds and head for the nearest hill.  Plan a potluck dinner after a horse drawn sleigh ride.  Try something new like dogsledding or horseback riding.  Make a snowman or two or three.  Dig out your old skates, get 'em sharpened and head for the nearest arena.
Be prepared for the weather by dressing in layers and following these comfort tips. Wear sunscreen (sun reflecting off snow can result in a brutal sunburn) and lip balm.  Protect your eyes with sunglasses or even ski goggles.  If you will be outdoors for several hours, pack water and snacks for energy and hydration.  Take a fully-charged cell phone with you, too. Check the local weather forecast and road conditions before heading out on your winter adventure.
If you and winter weather are truly incompatible, head to the local community pool, take a dance class (Zumba is really hot right now), yoga or walk indoors at a local community centre.  Head to a fitness centre (day passes available) and enjoy a workout, steaming sauna and relaxing hot tub soak. 
Come on…get outside and enjoy winter in BruceGreySimcoe!  Beautiful scenery and a healthy glow will be your reward.