How to be a good visitor to BruceGreySimcoe

Jul 08, 2020


These are unprecedented times. As a tourism organization, we have had to completely rethink our message and cautiously approach the idea of bringing visitors to our region. Currently we are welcoming local travellers to explore our region and experience the amazing spaces we have available during the summer months.

While our hearts are ready to welcome people with open arms, the reality is that a visit to BruceGreySimcoe has changed. The expectations of our locals, our operators and our visitors have all shifted to meet the most important needs of the day: keeping us all safe and healthy.

If you pack your patience, along with a few other crucial items, we can enjoy the coming months while keeping our friends and family safe.

We put together a few handy tips for those planning to visit BruceGreySimcoe during this time.

To quote Blue Mountain Resort’s personal responsibility code:


Be safe, be kind, have fun.





Considering a visit? Check your health

We know you’re keen to get out and experience all that BruceGreySimcoe has to offer, but we ask that if you or anyone in your travelling group has been sick recently or has flu like symptoms, please reschedule your trip.


Follow the same rules you would at home

For many of us, this is our home. And while we know it feels like a blissful escape, we all have to follow the same rules we’ve been following for months now. Social distancing remains key—keep at least 2 metres apart from others, whether you’re in a store, on a patio or hiking the trails. 

If possible, send just one person from your group to fetch the essentials at local grocery stores, beer stores and LCBO outlets. The number of patrons is limited in most establishments and we all need to respect those limits.


Pack your PPE and clean trip kit

Just like preparing for any road trip, we ask that you pack your own mask and hand sanitizer for use while in the area, particularly when social distancing is not possible.

Be prepared to mask up

If you're headed indoors during your trip, you'll need to wear a non-medical face mask. Masks became manditory across Simcoe County in early July and across Grey and Bruce counties at the onset of Stage 3. Watch for signage at individual businesses and maks up accordingly.

Wash your hands

Yep, it’s that simple. Just keep them clean. If you can’t access a hand washing area, then grab your sanitizer as stated above.

Plan ahead, call ahead 

We all love spontaneity but these days it’s hard to accommodate. With many operators running below capacity, you really need to plan ahead. Before you even head to BruceGreySimcoe, you will want to make a wish list of your activities and then contact individual operators to confirm their availability, reservation requirements and safety protocols. Our operators have worked hard to open their doors, a quick call to confirm their process will be well worth it.

Want to enjoy a local craft beer on a patio? Call ahead and make a reservation. Want to take a fishing tour with a local guide? Best to check their group sizes and excursion times. Want to stay at a local hotel? Reservations are a must!

Travel with your pack

By now you’ve established a bubble of people you can count on to follow the same rules as you and take the same precautions. This is your wolf pack, these are your travelling partners. Plan your visit with your crew—but be sure to wave, smile, laugh and chat with folks along the way from 6 feet apart.

Pack your patience

BruceGreySimcoe is a beautiful area with plenty of outdoor adventures, culinary offerings, local brews, ciders and wines and miles of trails to hike and bike. Whichever adventure you choose, be sure to pack your patience. Our locals, our businesses and our visitors are all adapting to this new normal and things will go much more smoothly if we all work together.

Taking it to the beach

Planning to visit a beach in BruceGreySimcoe during your stay?  Things have changed on our beaches, too – check out the super-useful Saugeen Shores’ checklist of “Beach Behaviour” BEFORE heading for the shorelines of BruceGreySimcoe (as of July 7, 2020). Note: in some of our municipalities, access to the beach may be restricted or not available so contact the local visitor info centre at your destination for the most up-to-date information.

Pack it in, pack it out

No matter which activity you're pursuing in BruceGreySimcoe, we ask that you pack your garbage out with you. Look for the nearest garbage can and if you don't see one, bag your litter up, pop it in the trunk and put it out next garbage day. The beautiful spaces you love to explore will only stay that way if we all do our part.

Heading our way? 

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Need more help? Reach out to one of the information centres in the area you plan to visit and learn about everything you need to know before leaving home.

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