Under Lock and Key: Escape Rooms in BruceGreySimcoe

Jun 28, 2017
With a click, the door locks behind you. You and your closest friends are left alone, in a strange room. You’ll have to work together, using your brains, your intuition and your team spirit to puzzle your way to freedom before time runs out. You’ll be challenged, you’ll be pushed, you may even be a little bit scared. The escape room excitement has come to BruceGreySimcoe. Whether you’re looking to stop en route to the cottage, to fill a rainy afternoon or to add a unique experience to your holidays, the perfect challenge awaits.

Who: Perplexcity
Where: Barrie
What: Located in Barrie, Perplexcity offers 4 escape rooms: Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, Blackbeard’s Brig, Cypherspace, Curse of the Evil Genie. All rooms have a 60 minute limit with a recommended 4 person minimum. There’s also a board-game café and restaurant on site.
Find out more: Perplexcity website or Facebook

Who: Escape Challenge North
Where: Coldwater (at Wildlife Academy)
What: This unique escape room option is located in a trailer on-site at Wildlife Academy. There are two rooms: The Red Door and the Black Door. They also offer portable escape games that can be brought to your site for team building and events.
Find out more: Escape Challenge North website or Facebook

Who: Bradford Escape Academy
Where: Bradford West Gwillimbury
What: This unique downtown location offers two rooms: The Interview and Alien Abduction.
Find out more: Bradford Escape Academy website or Facebook  


Who: Castle Village Enchanted Kingdom
Where: Midland
What: This local landmark has new owners who’ve added 3 escape rooms to challenge visitors. Dracula’s Dungeon, The Diary of Owen Quill and The Wizard’s Den. The exterior of the castle also has a children’s park featuring various fairy-tale themed buildings but escape rooms require children under 16 to be accompanied by an adult.
Find out more: Castle Village website or Facebook

Who: Grey Bruce Escape Rooms
Where: Various locations across Grey and Bruce Counties
What: This mobile escape room is a first for the region. With two trailers that will be travelling throughout Grey Bruce, they offer 3 different rooms: Quest for the Throne, The Doctor’s Office and Grandma’s Attic—a family friendly mystery. You can find their latest location by checking their Facebook page or contacting them directly to schedule a date.
Find out more: Grey Bruce Escape Rooms website or Facebook

Who: Epic Room Adventures
Where: Wiarton
What: This brand-new escape room (opened May 2017) currently has two rooms, Sentenced, and Shipwrecked. A children’s adventure room is also on the horizon.
Find out more: Epic Room Adventures website or Facebook