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Be Contemporary Gallery is a small space in a beautiful old victorian in the Town of Innisfil (Stroud) so reminiscent of the early days of the old MacLaren Art Centre [Barrie] when it was located on Maple Hill; I saw the impact it had on the community and hoped Be Contemporary Gallery could be a benefit to local and regional artists by programming engaging exhibitions for the community, bringing experiences and understanding towards an inclusive arts culture community — 14 days after a wonderful opening on March 1 the gallery closed. Now reopened, supporting artists and bringing art and culture safely to the community despite the pandemic. — Jeanette Luchese / founder/director Vision be contemporary gallery will program visual arts exhibitions that engage and stimulate awareness of artists and their work. ​Mission be contemporary gallery programmes visual arts exhibition spaces where artists and curators can express their creative ideas and output, and we promote visual arts discourse locally, regionally and internationally.

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