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With nearly one billion bikes built for land on our planet, and over 75% of the planet covered by water, Family Tide Rentals is joining Hydrobikes and the Hydrobike movement. Turning our focus off road and blazing new bike trails on an aquatic terrain. Family Tide Rentals is excited to offer an opportunity for local residents and tourist to rent a bike, get out on the water and enjoy a unique and innovated real biking on water experience from the seat of our hydrobike. The Hydrobike is a safe and eco- friendly, non intrusive activity that has been in waterways worldwide since 1990. Hydrobikes are now in 72 locations worldwide. Its sure to impress everyone from ages 8 to 80 as no special skills, fitness level, ability are require. In fact, you dont even need to know how to ride a bicycle to enjoy our Hydrobikes. They are easy nearly impossible to tip over, and you don't even have to get wet!

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