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The Georgian Bay Windsurfing Shop opened in Midland in 1983. Originally we offered windsurfers, swimwear, GoreTex, and Tilley products but evolved quickly as we recognized the needs of our customers (both locals and tourists alike). In February of 2017, the ownership of the store changed when previous owner Janis Norton decided to retire. Barbara Coxworth spent the year leading up to this moment working side-by-side with Janis and learning everything she needed to know in order to continue Janis' legacy of amazing customer service. "When I began to consider my retirement last year, Barb approached me about taking over my business. The timing was perfect and I knew she would be a good fit to continue what I had established. Barb has put a lot of effort into learning the products and will continue to provide the quality of service that our customers have come to depend on. I wish Barb well; I know she will be great!" - Janis. With the change of ownership came a new name - My Gbay. The store continues to provides all-season apparel for the active lifestyle and is perfect for outfitting travellers and adventurers.

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my Gbay Store
my Gbay Store
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