Scenic Caves Eco-Adventure Tour

Your adventure begins with a short hike to the 420 foot suspension bridge overlooking a 10,000 square kilometre view of Collingwood and Georgian Bay. Climb high up into the treetop canopy, 40 feet above the forest floor, on a web of platform decks that has been spun together by cables and airborne walkways, a mere 10 inches wide. Of course, it is absolutely safe, but the excitement of being so high above the ground overlooking the huge vistas gives a physical experience unlike anything else. The sway of the bridges and cables causes you to constantly re-adjust your balance, and you become aware of your own courage. Leave the forest canopy by zipping down a 300 ft. forest zip line. Explore the caves/ caverns as you learn about the area ecosystems. You end the guided three hour experience with an incredible ride on a 1000 foot zip line!

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