Yep, we’ve got beaches – lots of ‘em! Sandy beaches, rocky beaches, pebbly beaches, lively beaches, quiet beaches, big beaches and small beaches. From the liveliest at Wasaga Beach and Sauble Beach to the quietest and everything in between, BruceGreySimcoe has a beach to suit your style and mood. Whether you swim, sun, surf, veg or all of the above, we’ve got your beach. Bring the sunscreen, your book, the kids, the cooler, the towels, the bucket and shovel to experience beachin’ at its best. You want fries with that? The quality and variety of freshwater beach destinations in BruceGreySimcoe is unparalleled. Whether you’re in the mood for a family outing, a quiet respite or a lively beach party, you’ll find it here.


Beach Towns



  • Sauble Beach *
  • Southampton
  • Wasaga Beach