Submit Your Event

Event and festival organizers in BruceGreySimcoe are invited to add their tourism events to the listings on the Festivals and Events microsite. Review the criteria below and then click on "Send us your Event".

In order to be eligible for inclusion on the Festivals and Events microsite, events must meet two criteria:
  1. They must take place within BruceGreySimcoe; and
  2. Their purpose must be to attract visitors from outside the destination

Festivals and events will be promoted and displayed in one of two categories. These categories reflect the tourism orientation or appeal to visitors:
“Featured Events”  
  • Demonstrated or potential marketability outside the region
  • Broad-based tourism appeal sufficient to act as a primary trip motivator and encourage overnight stays
  • Capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors with supporting amenities and services
“Local Colour”  
  • Primary draw is from near or in-region markets
  • Events that showcase the authenticity of the destination and the region and increase day trip visitation
  • Limited capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors from outside the community
Event information can be submitted through the online form by clicking on the link below.
Only festivals and events with a tourism orientation are eligible for listing on 
All submitted events are subject to approval and, once approved, will appear on the site within two business days.