Green Feet, Dogsledding

Enjoy your winter travelling by one of Northern Canada's most iconic activities: Dogsledding! We are now offering dogsledding excursions and rides, as well as dog training for high energy husky mixes and musher training in the fall, winter, and spring months. We are stoked to take you on any one of our snowy and scenic routes that range from straight and slower for beginners, to twisty narrow and fast trails through the bush. Rides can last from 1hr - a full day and can be arranged for children and adults, as well as parties and special events for smaller groups. The canines that you will be running with come from unique situations of rescues, family pets, and rehomed husky and husky mixes. All have joined us on our adventures because of their undeniable love of pulling and running that defines their breed. When you join us for a ride, just remember the mushers #1 rule: Don't let go of the sled! See you soon!

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Green Feet, Dogsledding
Green Feet, Dogsledding
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