With more people spending time outdoors over the last year, more anglers have discovered the “fishing holes” of BruceGreySimcoe! On river or lake, from dock or shore, the fishing here is among the best in Ontario.  On your next fishing trip, you may notice some changes due to the increase in our popularity, such as paid parking, new boat launch fees or COVID-19 closures and restrictions. Try a mid-week fishing break when things are less busy.
It’s recommended that you plan ahead, book ahead” wherever possible and contact a local tackle shop or marina for advance information. To guarantee some quality time on the water, book a fishing charter this summer (see the links below). Also check ahead for the current COVID-19 status in Ontario before you go.
Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and the Saugeen River are just a few of our most popular fishing destinations.  Smaller inland lakes are tucked here and there across the region with a variety of fish including trout, salmon and perch.
Fishing Licences 
For Ontario residents, Canadian residents and non-Canadian anglers, fishing licences are required for those over 18 and under 65 years old. Learn where and how to purchase your licence by clicking HERE for Canadian residents and HERE for non-residents of Canada. 
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