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Welcome to BruceGreySimcoe, a beautiful and diverse region complete with fresh water, lush forests, towering escarpments and plunging waterfalls. As a visitor to this area, and as residents enjoying it daily, we have a responsibility to take care of the land, water, wildlife and communities here. We share a common goal of wanting to preserve this special place for generations to come. This includes preserving our cultural heritage, preserving and restoring our landscapes and preventing economic leakage and environmental damage due to overcrowding. On this page are resources to help you visit the area responsibly. Following these tips will make your trip more enjoyable and will keep BruceGreySimcoe beautiful. We've recently been awarded a Sustainable Tourism Silver Destination Certification from Green Step and our work on sustainabilty will continue. Follow along here

Tips for visiting responsibly

Plan ahead – Gone are the days you can wake up in the GTA and head to the region on a whim. These days you need to plan ahead and book ahead. Why not visit less crowded places during quieter times? You just might find the solitude that makes this place so magical.
Reconsider your car – Consider walking, cycling or carpooling. We’ve got one road in and one road out and parking is limited in some areas. Remember you’re coming here to escape the traffic not make more.
Stick to the trails -  There are tons of trails in the region, including The Bruce Trail, that are well-marked and well-maintained. Staying on the trails keeps landowners happy and reduces your impact on wildlife and the environment.
Tap into tap water – Nothing ruins a scenic vista quicker than a plastic water bottle. Pack and use your refillable water bottle.
Share your snacks with your friends, not wildlife – Wildlife are just that, wild. Share your sandwich with your friends and let the animals fend for themselves.
If you pack it in, pack it out – The garbage you bring needs to go home with you to be properly disposed of. Litter doesn’t belong trailside, in our waters or along our roads.

Support local businesses - Whenever possible eat locally, shop locally and stay locally . 

Respect our communitiies - Be aware of the local community and respect the local customs. 

Resources for planning your visit


Bruce County



Northern Bruce Peninsula

How to Visit Northern Bruce Peninsula Responsibly


Grey County

Rediscover Responsibly
Trail Etiquette


Bruce Trail Conservancy Resources

Bruce Peninsula National Park Resources

EV Chargers on the Bruce Peninsula

Drivers of electric vehicles will be able to plan their trip to the Bruce Peninsula more easily thanks to the work of the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association.  In partnership with M. H. Brigham Foundation, the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association has committed to increasing the supply of electric vehicle chargers on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. In 2021, nearly 50 Level 2 EV chargers were distributed to and installed at local accommodator locations in the area, free of charge to the owners. Use the map below to find locations of EV chargers on the Bruce Peninsula.


Simcoe County 

EV Chargers in Simcoe County 

Simcoe County has been installing EV chargers since 2016 and offers vistors and residents a list of avaiable chargers right here




More information on Simcoe County's sustainable intiatives can be found here


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