Always awe inspiring, BruceGreySimcoe’s trails wind peacefully through unspoiled tracts of forests, rural landscapes and along shimmering shorelines.   This natural winter wonderland is just perfect for spending time outdoors and breathing in that fresh, crisp air.   Whether you're a new or experienced hiker, snowshoer or cross-country skier, our outfitters and clubs can enhance your experience, from kitting you out in the proper gear to helpful advice, tours and tips.  Your winter adventure awaits!

Trail Experiences, Tours and Adventures

Often the most memorable experiences happen when you’re accompanied on your adventure by someone with insider knowledge of the highlights and gems you might’ve missed when touring on your own.  Whether it’s just you and yours, or you join in with a group of like-minded people, booking a guided tour simplifies planning while maximizing your comfort, safety and overall experience.  Get the most learning and memories per moment by engaging a local – it’s worth it!
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