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Exploring BruceGreySimcoe’s trails in winter is a whole new experience!  Blanketed beneath snow and ice, the landscape becomes a tapestry of cool and awesome formations.  Depending on snow depth, snowshoes or cross-country skies may be required to access stunning scenery and quiet beauty. 
Before heading out, make sure you tell someone the route you’re taking and use the Comfort Tips online tool to make sure you’re dressed for the weather conditions and temperature.  Check out trail and snow conditions ahead of time, too.



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Winter Hiking on the Bruce Trail

Some of this iconic trail’s most spectacular scenery can be seen by hiking or snowshoeing the Bruce Trail as it travels along the Niagara Escarpment up to Tobermory.  For info and advice on hiking the Bruce Trail during the winter, contact one of the clubs below.  Check out their scheduled hikes held during the winter that all are welcome to join!

Visit the websites below to confirm if hikes are running:


Winter Activities on the Ganaraska Trail

This beautiful “minimum impact” trail is maintained by several clubs that make up the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association.  Like the Bruce Trail clubs above, many of these host scheduled hikes so be sure to check out the dates on the website calendar for meeting points and to confirm that hikes are running at this time.

More Fun Winter Activites in BruceGreySimcoe

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