Stand Up Paddle Boarding

BruceGreySimcoe’s waterways are idyllic for a fun paddling experience - stand up paddle boarding (SUP).  This paddling sport can be as easy or as challenging as you make it! Whether gliding along the shoreline of Lake Huron or Georgian Bay, the surface of an inland lake or a gently flowing river, there’s an ideal spot to learn or perfect this sport. Or, take it up a notch and ride the waves into shore – a great spot to test your skills is at Station Beach in Kincardine.

Outfitters across the region offer lessons and rentals to get you started, and can help you purchase one that’s just right for you.  Several offer guided sunset tours as well.  During the warm summer months, some yoga centres offer the ultimate fitness experience with paddleboard yoga classes at local beaches.  Information centre staff can help find a class for you during your stay in BruceGreySimcoe.

COVID-19 has changed the way our operators run their businesses - remember to check ahead before heading out as, in many cases, it is now necessary to book tours and rentals in advance.

Places to SUP in BruceGreySimcoe

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