Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

Bradford West Gwillimbury Town Council met on two occasions in January, 2011, to establish its strategic priorities for this term of Council. The current term runs from December, 2010 through to the end of November, 2014. Altogether, 26 strategic actions were identified by Council. Ten of those actions were identified as priorities for this term of Council. On October 23, 2012, Council met again to review and update its strategic plan. During this meeting, progress on previously established priorities was reviewed. Based on this review and other information that has become available Council identified 30 strategic actions. Of those, nine actions were selected as strategic priorities. Most of the actions and priorities represent continuations of activities already initiated by Council during the current term. There are several new actions that have resulted from new initiatives identified over the past two years. The following are nine actions which are identified as strategic priorities for the balance of the term of Council, ending in late 2014. •Execute a financial plan for growth related infrastructure including the 400 employment lands •Facilitate expansion of Southlake Family Health Team into Bradford West Gwillimbury •Develop a new Official Plan for the Town •Prepare a plan for the development of the Town’s administration building •Determine implementation plan for public transit •Develop a funding strategy for downtown revitalization •Implement a financial asset replacement/renewal plan •Create opportunities for housing our aging population •Develop a master plan for the Henderson property including phasing and costs The notes documenting Council’s latest meeting on strategic priorities contain the Town’s vision and mission statements and a listing of all 30 strategic actions.

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