Imagine sitting by a campfire. The warmth of the fire wraps around you, the smell of the burning wood fills your senses, and the fire entrances your mind. Images of mountains, running streams, large lakes and clear blue skies fill your imagination. You are there with all your friends in this place of comfort and sanctuary, where everything is "just right". The sound of laughter and cheer breaks your hypnosis and you find yourself next to a large, four sided open wood-burning fireplace. You are surrounded by friends, both old and new, in the environment from which you just came. Looking around you see all the elements of your sanctuary, brought together into this place. Someone comes over to you and presents you with the most amazing food you have ever seen or tasted. The food is only matched by the way this person makes you feel.... Taking care of your every need and want... You feel at home.... Only better. This is like no restaurant before it. This is kaytoo.

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