Live Theatre

There is absolutely nothing better than experiencing live theatre and music in person!  BruceGreySimcoe has a rich legacy of cultural performances and venues to showcase them.  Many of the music venues are smaller and intimate, ranging from a pub atmosphere to a renovated theatre hall to Casino Rama and many sizes in between.  Some local favourites have been lovingly restored and maintained - Meaford Hall, Roxy Theatre, The Historic Gayety Theatre and the Orillia Opera House are just a few.  Looking for culture with a twist? Check out Talk is Free Theatre, known for its innovative productions including "The Curious Voyage" (theatre goers were flown to London as part of the play).  Take in the classical vibes of the Georgian Bay Symphony, the eclectic presentations at The Simcoe Street Theatre and the numerous musical performances at Heartwood Hall Concert Hall.
Cool venues, awesome performances - all waiting for you in BruceGreySimcoe, Ontario! (Make it even more awesome and stay overnight). 

Enjoy Live Entertainment at These Smaller Venues


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