Live Theatre

Live theatre held in awesome venues add to BruceGreySimcoe's cultural allure. Plan ahead to book your tickets, though, as they tend to sell out fast!

Impressive facilities can be found spread out across the region, with a variety of performances on their schedules - music, plays, stand-up comics, dance performances and more. Most venues are small to medium sized, for a more intimate theatre experience. Love to rock on in a crowd? Casino Rama and outdoor festivals are the events for you.

A combo of professional and amateur theatre groups take to the stage with a variety of playlists. Make it a full night out by having dinner pre-performance at a local restaurant or pub.

It may be a bit of a stretch to call it live entertainment, but drive-in movie theatres are so much fun they deserve a mention. There's nothing quite like watching a late-night double feature from the comfort of your car under a skyful of stars. Take in the show and munch on some buttery popcorn at the Hanover Drive-In Theatre or the Barrie Sunset Drive-In Theatre.


Local Theatre Productions:

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