Live Theatre

Live theatre, hosted in a variety of pretty amazing venues, is growing and thriving in BruceGreySimcoe. 

Several, like the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound, Meaford Hall and Victoria Jubilee Hall in Walkerton, are historical buildings lovingly adapted and restored for live theatre productions and concerts.  The Gayety Theatre, in downtown Collingwood, has been a home to the performing arts since 1911 and continues to be an entertainment force in the community.  The intimate, 100-seat Simcoe Street Theatre, can also be found in Collingwood.

Barrie has a slew of theatres and theatre groups – the Georgian Theatre, Talk is Free Theatre and the Five Points Theatre, operate year-round.  In Orillia, the majestic Orillia Opera House serves up a wide slate of talent, as does the Midland Cultural Centre. 

Relatively new to the live performance mix is Heartwood Hall, in the heart of downtown Owen Sound with its unique location on the second level of a downtown storefront.  And, of course, for world class music acts and live entertainment, Casino Rama definitely rocks it.  Smaller venues, too, like funky restaurants, pubs and bars feature live acts and open mic nights for aspiring musicians.

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