Taste Local!

BruceGreySimcoe…always delicious!  Dishes made from local products appear on many of our restaurants’ menus and may vary from season to season, so there’s always something new on the menu. Stop in at our farmers’ markets and farm stores to pick up fresh baked bread and treats, locally produced milk and cheeses, fresh fish, beef, poultry and exotic game.  It’s the tastiest season of all with crisp, fresh produce ready to travel from the farmer’s field to your table.

Visit Eat Local Grey Bruce and Simcoe County Farm Fresh & Local Food to source out local producers and suppliers, as well as local food events taking place across the region.  Grey County Tourism has a handy listing of "Eat Local on Menu" operators that makes finding local fare easy!

Food Trails, Tours, Events & Workshops – the perfect combination of the beauty of BruceGreySimcoe and its mouthwatering wares!

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