Ice Ice Baby: A guide to must-stop ice cream shops in BruceGreySimcoe

Aug 09, 2019
Summer and ice cream go hand in hand. It’s a delicious fact. In BruceGreySimcoe, stops at these storied dessert parlours have become time-tested family traditions. Whether you’re grabbing a homemade ice cream at the Big Bay General Store or strolling the Midland waterfront to visit Dockside Sweets and Treats, mouth-watering options await. We’ve put together a handy guide to getting your ice cream fix in BGS this summer. Did we miss your favourite spot? Be sure to send us a note at and we’ll add it to this sweet list.


Big Bay General Store

Big Bay, Grey County, Ontario
Established in 1862, The Big Bay General Store has a rich history of deliciousness. In recent years, Big Bay has cemented its position as a must-visit summer spot for homemade ice cream. On a recent stop, I sampled the lavender ice cream and it was to die for. You can visit the village of Big Bay by bike, car or even boat! Stop for a cone and then head down to the rocky beach—the self-proclaimed stone skipping capital of Canada! The Big Bay ice cream truck also hits local events so keep your eyes open. Find out more on their Facebook page here.

Lloyd’s Smoke Shop and Pool Hall

Wiarton, Bruce County, Ontario
I went to high school in Wiarton about one million years ago and I had no idea, until recently, that Lloyd’s was serving up amazing homemade ice cream right on the main street. It’s worth the stop as Lloyd’s offers old-time favourites like pralines and cream along unique options like watermelon. Visit their Facebook page here and be sure to stop by soon!

Sauble Trading Post

Sauble Beach, Bruce County, Ontario
Located on the south end of Sauble Beach, and accessible from the beach or from the road behind, the Sauble Trading Post is a family favourite. Grab a cone and watch the sunset or take a swim break and head up for a double scoop. Find out more on their Facebook page here.

Southampton Fun

Southampton, Bruce County, Ontario
It’s a simple name and it says it all! What’s more fun than grabbing a scoop in the summer? Southampton Fun serves up Kawartha Dairy ice cream with hand-dipped waffle cones in chocolate and other unique creations like a coffee/ice cream frappe. Head to this link and then head to Southampton Fun.

Harrigan’s 100 Mile Food Market

Southampton, Bruce County, Ontario
Another Southampton landmark, Harrigan’s Red and White scoops local ice cream producer Chapman’s delicious wares. Find out more right here.

Harrison Park Inn

Owen Sound, Grey County, Ontario

The takeout window at the Harrison Park Inn is a gem! Not only can your kids play at the park while getting all sticky but you can burn off your sweet treat with a hike on the trails, a paddleboat on the Sydenham River or a game of mini golf. Find out more right here.

PomPom Treat Hut

Thornbury, Grey County, Ontario
This colourfully delicious destination has definitely become a must-stop treat hut in just a few short years. Located just a few doors down from the main stop light in Thornbury, look for the yellow building and the accompanying ping pong, ring toss and bowling games. Try a homemade wheelie pop, a cone or one of their vegan options. You can even hula hoop while you eat! Learn all about PomPom right here.

Little Blue House Scoops

Blue Mountain Village, Grey County Ontario

Located in the heart of the Blue Mountain Village, Little Blue House Scoops serves up over 30 flavours of Kawartha Dairy ice cream. Hike up the mountain, then come get a treat at the bottom. Find out more right here.

Collingwood Ice Cream Company

Collingwood, Simcoe County, Ontario
An ice cream parlour on wheels, this black and white truck makes its permanent home in Collingwood’s Millenium Park. The Collingwood Ice Cream Company serves homemade ice cream made with Miller’s Dairy. Find out more right here.

Dockside Sweets & Treats

Midland, Simcoe County, Ontario
If you’re walking the harbour front in Midland, you’ll want to stop at Dockside Sweets & Treats for a cone. Owned by the legendary Boathouse Eatery, Dockside serves Kawartha Dairy ice cream overlooking the water. Find out more right here.

Wyevale Jug City

Wyevale, Simcoe County, Ontario
On a slightly different note, Wyevale Jug City serves amazing soft serve ice cream made with real cream for only $2.50 a cone. Swing by County Road 27 in Simcoe for this local landmark treat. Visit their Facebook page here.

The Village Mercantile

Victoria Harbour, Simcoe County, Ontario
For another unique experience in Simcoe County, stop at The Village Mercantile in Victoria Harbour. Their offering ranges from hardware to antiques, breakfast and Kawartha Dairy ice cream. Grab a cone and explore the shop. Get all the details here.

Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trail

For those truly devoted ice cream lovers, you can spend your summer completing all 9 stops on the Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trail. This photo scavenger hunt sends you to nine locations including Point Clark, Ripley and Lucknow to grab a cone and take a snapshot. Send the photos of your crew at each #streetsweet and submit them according to the instructions on the website. The first 500 participants get a free t-shirt and a range of other prizes will be awarded for the year.
 Want some great tips on pairing local hikes with ice cream? Check out this great blog from Grey County Tourism