Know Before You Go: Resources for planning to Explore the Bruce

Aug 09, 2021
Now more than ever, it’s important to book ahead and plan ahead before visiting Bruce County. From iconic locations like The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park to sandy beaches along the Lake Huron shoreline and stunning Bruce Trail lookouts with Georgian Bay views, there’s so much to see in Bruce County. No longer an undiscovered gem, to make the most of your visit you need to make reservations well in advance to avoid being disappointed on arrival. Whether you’re booking parking, the ferry, a glass bottom boat tour or a guided excursion, it’s important to call ahead, do your research and make reservations for your bucket list items.


In addition to planning ahead, as more and more visitors come to the region, a new focus on visiting responsibly has emerged. The Bruce Peninsula Visitor Manifesto offers some great guidelines for those wanting to lessen their impact on the region and respect the local communities while visiting. The Fitz also has some great resources for visitors to the Peninsula that focus on visiting responsibly. Click here to read their directory.

The folks at Bruce County also offer an incredible number of trip planning resources on their Explore the Bruce website. From Everything you Need to Know Before Visiting Bruce Peninsula National Park to tips on visiting The Grotto and Indian Head Cove to their How to be a Bruce Peninsula Explorer blog and their recent Book and Look campaign, spending some time on the Explore the Bruce website will be well worth it before heading to the Peninsula.  



Resources from The Bruce Trail Conservancy 

If you're visiting the Bruce Peninsula, you will probably be logging some kilometres on The Bruce Trail. The Bruce Trail is Canada's oldest and longest marked footpath running 900 kilometres from Niagara to Tobermory. There are many scenic Bruce Trail hikes on the Peninsula. Many are very busy during peak times during summer months and some, like The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park require advance parking reservations


The folks at the Bruce Trail Conservancy have compiled some amazing resources for those planning to hike this legendary footpath. Their Know Before You Go blog is worth a read as you prepare for your outing as is their overview of sites requiring reservations page. Another great blog on parking and transportation options can be found right here

While The Bruce Trail is well travelled, hikers still need to be prepared to hike safely with proper equipment, water, snacks, a proper plan and a map of your route. Check out this great blog on packing for a day hike. Cell service can be spotty so don't plan to map your route that way only. Download the What3Words app to help wth emergency location if you do run into trouble as many of our first responders use this technology. The Bruce Trail offers some great suggestions on hiking responsibly, trail safety considerations and how to follow The Bruce Trail's blaze system

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