Winter Waterfall Wonderland

Posted by Eugenia Falls / Mandi Miles for Grey County | Feb 19, 2013
Always beautiful, waterfalls are icily gorgeous in winter.  And Grey County’s Winter Waterfalls Snowshoe Tour makes it easy to see these natural attractions in all their frothy glory.  With the addition of Eugenia Falls and Jones Falls this season, seven scenic hikes are well worth the effort to strap on your snowshoes and hit the trail. 

After a comfortable 15-minute walk, your reward is a stunning view of the 30-metre plunge at Eugenia Falls in the Beaver Valley. The hike to Jones Falls, just outside of Owen Sound, is also a simple trek.  A 10-minute hike through beautiful forest reveals an intimate 12-metre cascade. Both of these falls are part of the Niagara Escarpment and Bruce Trail.

Snowshoeing is by far the best way to take the winter waterfalls tour. You can hike in sturdy boots but, ideally, snowshoes are the optimal choice for comfort, safe footing and endurance. Thanks to today’s lightweight, affordable and easy-to-maintain gear, snowshoeing is fun and enjoyable for all ages. It’s also more of a fitness challenge.  According to Snowshoe Magazine, it’s the world’s fastest growing winter sport (just ahead of snowboarding). And, added bonus…you burn 45% more calories on snowshoes than by simply walking on a snow-packed trail!

Grey County Tourism’s Winter Waterfalls Snowshoe Tour brochure is downloadable and full of need-to-know info such as directions, safety tips, parking information and trail maps. There is also info on snowshoe rentals if you don’t yet have your own. For a perfect afternoon, pack some hot chocolate and snacks, a camera and your snowshoes and head out to the falls.

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