Embrace your inner Canadian

Feb 02, 2018
Being a Canadian means having a love/hate relationship with winter. As the snowbanks rise and the thermometer drops, the urge to get away comes creeping in. For some, that getaway is to someplace hot and sunny, somewhere south of the border that lets you pretend it’s summer for a few days or weeks. But those jet-setting vacations come with their own set of challenges: Airport traffic, delayed flights, long lineups, crowded airplane cabins and, increasingly, unpredictable forecasts.

What if the getaway you’re craving looked vastly different this year? What if this winter you chose to embrace your inner Canadian? To take a short drive north of the GTA and dive heart first into winter? Trust us, we’ve heard all the reasons in the book why winter isn’t your thing. You don’t like the cold, you’re afraid of winter driving, you need more Vitamin D. We’ve heard you and we’re challenging you to give winter a real, honest-to-goodness try this year. Suit up, buck up and get outside. Because that’s what Canadians do.

5 Steps to unlocking your winter joy

Identify your winter personality  
While we encourage you to push your winter limits, we do respect that all new winter lovers will be embracing the cold on different levels. Are you one who likes to bundle up, get your cardio in with a snowshoe up the escarpment and then settle in for a hot tub and some après drinks? Are you one who wants to fast forward right to the après? Someone who would rather stroll through Blue Mountain Village and then watch your family on the slopes from the comfort of the lodge with a good book? Is visiting the spa under the gently falling snow followed by a wine tasting at a local vineyard more your speed? What we’re saying is, there’s an option for every winter personality here. Challenge yourself but be realistic. Maybe a short snowshoe added to your spa day is where it all starts for you.
Dress the part
Enjoying the great outdoors during the winter months begins before you even leave your home. Having the right gear is key. If you’re planning to spend a few hours outdoors or the entire day, you’re going to need layers as well as a windproof, waterproof outer layer – a winter jacket and possibly snow pants. Good gloves, good boots, a neck-warmer and a toque are key to your success. You’ll feel like you’re suiting up for an arctic expedition but it will be worth it. The best part of getting bundled up is getting unbundled after and curling up by the fire with a hot chocolate or a hot toddy. Winter perfection awaits.

Bring your wolf pack


While there’s something to be said for a solo winter outing, if you’re new to the winter game we suggest you bring your besties. This can be your family, your friends or that self-proclaimed winter nut that’s been begging you to get outside for years. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, take advice from the locals or even hire a guide to lead you and your crew on your first winter adventures. Take lots of photos, create lots of memories, have lots of laughs. That’s the whole point.
Create new family traditions

Sharing the love of winter with the next generation is a Canadian tradition. Sometimes those first few family winter outings involve more tears than laughter, but if you’re just dipping your toes into the winter wonderland pool, you might as well bring your family along. From sleigh rides to beginner ski lessons at our family resorts, to skating outside on a frozen trail, make this the winter you build some new family traditions.
Focus on the après

Winter lovers know that half the joy of getting outside is coming back in. There’s something super satisfying about preparing for the great outdoors, exploring the trails and then coming back in with pink cheeks and a red nose. Whether you choose to curl up by the fire, joining your friends, still in ski gear, for a post-ski local beer, or wrap yourself in a thick robe and head to the outdoor hot tub before a gourmet meal, après is where it’s at. Go ahead, be proud of yourself for braving the cold, for pushing your limits, for facing winter head on. Ready to take the challenge this winter? We’ve got endless ideas for winter getaways in BruceGreySimcoe right here on our website. Get out and enjoy!

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