Iconic French Fry Stands in BruceGreySimcoe

Jul 26, 2019
It’s summer and it’s the season of treats and road side snacks. Sure, you had big plans to eat salad, but that was before all these mouth-watering French Fry shacks started popping up on along your route. Whether you want to order a bucket of fries on your way to the cottage or walk off the beach to grab your lunch, there’s a #brucegreysimcoe fry shack for you. These establishments are the stuff of legend—some have even been open for 100 years—that’s how you know they’re doing something right! Read on for a list of some of our favourites. Did we miss yours? Feel free to let us know!


Gerry’s Fast Food, Southampton Beach

Located right on the beach in Southampton, you don’t even need to wipe the sand off your feet to place your order at Gerry’s Fast Food. Click here for directions and information to this local hotspot.

The Fry Guy, Horseshoe Valley Road

Home of the Honking Bucket, you can feed your whole family at The Fry Guy on Horseshoe Valley Road. Located at the top of a large hill on this well-travelled road on the way to most places, you’ll need to slow down, signal early and follow the crowds. Get all the details right here.

French’s Food Stand, Orillia waterfront

Celebrating 100 years in business, the folks at French’s Food Stand know their stuff. They’ve been serving up fresh-cut fries and delicious burgers for a century. Do not miss this Orillia waterfront staple! Find out more right here.

Mars Cosmic Fries, Sauble Beach

Yes, that’s right, they’re out of this world as the name implies. Overlooking the beach on Lakeshore Avenue in Sauble Beach, Mars Cosmic Fries serves up their classic fresh cut fries as well as a long list of grilled items, including a locally sourced Buff bison burger. Find out more right here.

Ted and Grace’s, Owen Sound

Look for the shiny silver siding and you’ll be headed for the deliciousness that is Ted and Grace’s. Not only do they serve great fries, they also give out a free ice cream cone each day to the ‘name of the day’. Follow them on Facebook to find out when it’s your turn.

Bombshell Stella’s, Owen Sound

The folks at Bombshell Stella’s are famous for their poutine offerings. Head to downtown Owen Sound to discover this gem. Find out more right here.

Burger Barr, Midland

Sometimes hidden gems are the best, just like the Burger Barr in Midland. Once you discover this diner’s poutine, you’ll never turn back.

Perky's Fish and Fries, Elmvale

Come for the fish and stay for the fries! They’re serving up the perfect combo at Perky’s Fish and Fries in Perkinsfield.
Did we miss your favourite? Shoot us a message at info@brucegreysimcoe.com so we can build the ultimate list!