First Ever MacGregor Point Dryland Sled Dog Derby November 12th & 13th

Oct 20, 2016
(Information provided by Lisa De Gennaro, event organizer with SASSO)

Are you ready for the first open North American Sled Dog Dryland Derby and education forum in BruceGreySimcoe?
A cool new fall event is being hosted by the Sled Dogs Association of Southwestern Ontario (SASSO) and MacGregor Point Provincial Park on November 12th & 13th, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  If you’re not sure what to expect, a dog sled derby is a unique, cultural, educational, and exciting event that challenges dogs to do something they love to do naturally - run!  Over 25 sled dog teams from all over Ontario and Quebec are expected to participate in multiple events as follows:
  • Dry land Races/Class on Saturday & Sunday
  • 1 Dog Canicross (running with your dog): 2 & 4 Miles Races
  • 1 Bikejoring (biking with your dog): 2 Miles
  • 2 Bikejoring (dog bike):  4 Miles
  • 2 Dog Scooter: 2 Miles
  • 4 Dog Rig: 4 Miles (3-4 wheeled carts)
  • 1-2 Dog Novice race: 1.2 Miles (age 8+)
  • Kid and Mutt (1 dog)” 100 yards to 400 yards (age 4 –12)
During the Derby, each race team must compete in the same class, with the same dogs both Saturday and Sunday. The fastest accumulated time will determine the winners.  Also showcased over the weekend:  physical literacy for both human & dog of any age group or fitness leave, sled dog history and how to get started in K-9 harness activities.Des-01.jpg
Spectators are welcome to come out and take in the fast paced world of sled dogs at MacGregor (just south of Port Elgin).  Race viewing areas will be set up for spectators and visitors are encouraged to meet mushers and their K-9 athletes. Feel free to ask questions about the sport and the life style they love so much.  IMPORTANT:  Please ask the musher before approaching the dogs.  And, before heading out, check out the Spectator Information page on the event website.

The Friends of MacGregor Point Park will be onsite with breakfast and BBQ lunch items, coffee, hot chocolate and treats available for purchase. There will also be a raffle and silent auction at the park’s Visitor Centre to help support next year’s event!
If you’d like to try out the sport, rookie classes for locals will be offered in the 1 Dog Canicross (2 mile) and 1 Dog Bikejoring  (2 mile) race classes. Dog harness and lines/equipment rentals are available starting October 1st and can be acquired through the SASSO event organizer Lisa De Gennaro.  All proceeds raised from rentals go towards the Derby.
SASSO is happy to accept sponsorships, donations and in-kind donations to help raise money for the derby.  Interested in being a volunteer?  Volunteers are needed for set-up on Friday, November 11th, take down on Monday, November 14th and general help over the weekend.
An up-to-date race and event schedule can be found on the Facebook page or website
For more information or to volunteer, click here.