Modelling Opportunities

The Faces of BruceGreySimcoe
Show your Local Spirit as an image or video model

As the tourism industry in BruceGreySimcoe continues to recover, RT07 is working with operators to help them produce high quality video and photo shoots to help promote their businesses and our region. From time to time, we are on the hunt for new faces who would like to act as models in these shoots.
We’re looking to create a list of enthusiastic people from all over the region, representing different ages and demographics, from singles to couples to families. All ages, genders and abilities are welcome.

What does a shoot involve? Shoots can be either half day or full day and generally we’ll need you to participate in an activity in the region. You could be dining, skiing, hiking, cycling, ice fishing, at a museum, at a concert or at the theatre. We want you to have fun … which is the easiest way for the images and video footage to show you having fun.
While these are not paid positions, some incentives are provided. Incentives can include paid mileage, passes to the attractions in question or a meal, and sometimes a small stipend.
Our photographer and videographer are super personable, professional and easy to work with. You’ll follow their lead and will need to sign a release stating that you’re comfortable with your image being used in advertising.
So why not try out an activity you might not otherwise get to try, get some shout outs on social media and make your mom proud as one of the faces of BruceGreySimcoe.

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