58th Annual Wiarton Willie Festival - PREDICTION DAY

58th Annual Wiarton Willie Festival - PREDICTION DAY

Date: 02 Feb, 2014, Community: Wiarton
Category: Arts & Heritage, Family, Music, Outdoor, Sports

Opening and Closing Times:
Prediction Day Activities Start at 7 am
Various start and end times for day's activities.

Admission Fees: Both (combination of charges/free)

Festival runs from Jan 30th to Feb 2nd.  On February 2, be there bright and early when Willie makes his annual prediction - early spring or late winter?  Only Willie knows.  Take in the day's festivities from start to finish - children's concert, First Nations Dancers, hockey tournament, Smoosh Races, Pizza Eating Contest & so much more!!  For the complete events list & more info, visit the website.

Venue Name: Various Venues around Wiarton

Various Venues around Wiarton

Website: http://www.visitwiarton.ca