Creemore Vintage Festival

Creemore Vintage Festival

Date: 26 May, 2018, Community: Creemore
Category: Arts & Heritage

Opening and Closing Times: Festival runs from 10am-5pm
Admission Fees: No (free)

The Creemore Vintage Festival in 2018 is bigger than ever! Come out and enjoy a fun day of vintage shopping, music, food and attractions for those interested in years gone by or for folks that appreciate the fashion and decor of different eras. Tour Gypsy Caravans, watch a vintage fashion show, browse the vintage market or try your hand at some vintage DIY upcycling. Be sure to browse through the shops in Creemore as well, as many shops sell vintage items as well.

Venue Name: Downtown Creemore - Mill St.

Address: Mill St. and Caroline St. in Creemore
Address: Creemore