Horseshoes & Handgrenades Live at Blue Mountain

Date: 08 Jul, 2018 - 09 Jul, 2018, Community: The Blue Mountains
Category: Music

Opening and Closing Times: 10pm - 2am
Admission Fees: No (free)

Wrap Up Party with Horseshoes & Handgrenades Some of Grey County’s finest musicians, playing the best in Rock and Blues! Classics from The Who, Tom Petty, Bad Company, The Band, and everything in between. Horseshoes & Handgrenades features Chris Scerri, Jon Zaslow, Johnny Roy, Beaker Granger and Jayden Grahlman! Part of The Peak to Shore Festival.

Venue Name: Firehall Pizza Co

Address: 162 Jozo Weider Boulevard The Blue Mountains, ON, L9Y 3Z2 Canada
Address: The Blue Mountains

Phone: Chris Scerri 416-452-3726