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Take the stress out of your summer plans this year and plan ahead, book ahead before leaving home.
Whether you live here, are planning a long-term stay or a simple day trip, keep in mind that our operators have had to adapt how their businesses are run over the last two years.  Hours of operation have changed for many, so call ahead or check websites and social media for the latest updates. Reservations are recommended whenever possible at local restaurants. Avoid disappointment by booking your accommodation EARLY at resorts, hotels, cottages, campsites, bed and breakfasts and motels.  You can bring BruceGreySimcoe home to you as many retail businesses will gladly ship to your home – read the blog post to discover where to browse and buy.  
Have a favourite attraction you love to visit? Again, check ahead of time as, in some cases, tickets can be purchased and tours booked before you arrive, rather than purchased at the gate. One of the region’s most popular natural attractions, the Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park, requires advance parking reservations during the busy warm weather months (reservations now open). Same goes for the area’s hiking hotspots – visit websites to stay up-to-date on changes to parking and parking fees. Try booking a guided hike instead for a more personalized experience and to discover other, less-explored parts of the region. 
If hitting the beach is your summer thing, try switching from a weekend visit to midweek when the beaches are usually less busy. As with hiking, parking at some popular beaches has changed over the last few years, with new parking fees and reconfigured parking lots.  As beautiful beach days often start in late spring and stretch into early fall, consider these times as alternate fun-in-the sun days. Or, spend time on the water and book a boat tour, fishing charter or guided paddling adventure.
When visiting BruceGreySimcoe, remember to travel respectfully and responsibly, following current provincial health guidelines and do your part to keep our beaches, parks and natural areas clean.  Make it a summer to remember for all the right reasons!
Do your part to keep BruceGreySimcoe beautiful by respecting the Visitor Manifesto* below: 

  1. Plan ahead. Book in advance to make for the best trip ever! Create a more unique experience by visiting less crowded places during less popular times. 
  2. Reconsider your car. Some areas have limited or no parking, so walk, bring your bike or carpool whenever possible and only park in designated areas.
  3. Stick to trails and public accesses.  There are many to discover! Following trails minimizes your impact on neighbouring habitats and the creatures that live in them, including nearby landowners. 
  4. Tap into tap water. Use refillable water bottles to reduce waste while enjoying the Peninsula’s cool, clear water.
  5. Share your snacks with your friends, not wildlife. Feeding wildlife can hinder their ability to survive independently. A fed animal is a dead animal. 
  6. If you pack it in, pack it out. Your waste would be much happier recycled or disposed of in a proper location with its friends than frightened and alone in a dark rock crevice, abandoned in a ditch, or in a black bear’s stomach. 

We invite you to discover and respect the land, water, wildlife and local community so we can continue to visit or call it home for generations to come!

*This manifesto is a project for sustainable tourism supported by the Bruce Peninsula Environment Group, Parks Canada, Saugeen Ojibway Nation, BruceGreySimcoe and the Tobermory & District Chamber of Commerce.


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