Bruce Trail

Canada's oldest and longest footpath. It provides the only public access to the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It is one of only twelve such reserves in all of Canada. The Bruce County sections main trail (white blazes) begins in Wiarton and winds its way up the east side of the Peninsula to Tobermory. For most of its length the trail is a rugged footpath and in numerous situations it provides spectacular views over Georgian Bay. Along its path there are side trails and access trails (blue blazes). There are numerous opportunities to complete relatively short hikes that form loops by using segments of the main trail and a side trail. There is a map of just the Peninsula section of the Bruce Trail and is available at the tourist information centre in Wiarton and locations up the Peninsula. The best resource for hikers who wish to use the footpath is the Trail Reference Guide which contains multi-coloured and detailed maps of the entire Bruce Trail. Here are a few simple guidelines to help make your hike more pleasurable: Don't hike alone it is best to have at least three or four in the group so there are extra people to assist in case an emergencies For organized hikes please call the hike leader/coordinator to "register" for a hike in advance of the hike date Also ask the hike leader/coordinator if you are in doubt of the difficulty of the hike with your abilities For all hikes bring plenty of water, snacks, lunch and your own first aid needs in your day pack. Wear sturdy hiking footwear quality hiking boots are the best footwear for the rugged Peninsula Dress in layers suitable for the weather Stay with the group when on an organized hike. Please observe and obey all signs. Be courteous when parking and do not block roadways or an entrance to a park or road allowance. Remember that road allowances may be used by specialized emergency vehicles. The Bruce Trail only exists because of the generosity of local landowners. Don''t leave valuables (example: credit cards) in a parked car Carry ID with you and especially medical information, cell phone coverage is not reliable let someone know what section you're hiking and your expected return time, have bug and UV protection? A great way to learn more about the trail is to attend the Bruce Peninsula Hiking Festival weekend, in October, hosted by the Peninsula Bruce Trail Club and Bruce Peninsula National Park to complement Bruce Trail Day. The festival is a chance to discover the spectacular and diverse natural features of the Bruce Peninsula, and hike some of the most rugged and scenic stretches of the Bruce Trail.

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Bruce Trail
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