Lendvay Original Art

Istvan was born in 1929 in a small countryside village in Hungary. His artistic talents appeared at an early age when he designed and made background sets for his schools’ theatrical productions. Due to political turmoil in 1956 he escaped on foot, yes, through the potato fields, into Austria and made his way to England. The following year he came to Toronto, Canada where he has lived since. While still in Hungary in 1955 and later in Canada in 1977 and 1994, he earned several degrees in architectural applied fine arts and architectural sciences. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Papua Guinea, North, South, and Central America, Asia, the Caribbean, the Indonesian Islands, Antarctica and the Canadian Arctic north of the 75th degree latitude. Today Istvan shares his time between Toronto, his studio, and the Blue Mountains, Ontario, his gallery. With over three thousand pieces sold, Istvan’s extensive works of art which include paintings, graphics, and sculpture, are displayed in galleries and private collections world wide.

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Lendvay Original Art
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