Midland Harbour Town Docks

​Situated at the southern end of Georgian Bay, Midland Harbour is a picturesq​​ue natural attraction that tourists and boaters from around the world have been enjoying for many years. Its communal history began in 1871 with the creation of a successful lumber mill by James Playfair. Over the decades as industry grew, Midland Harbour was also the site of a steel works, a large grain elevator and shelters attributed to its open and accessible waters. While the grain mill still stands in modern times, Midland Harbour has become known as a tranquil spot for locals and tourists to relax. The Harbour was built for cruise and passenger ships and is considered a major tourist destination for its Great Lakes access. There's no place like Midland Harbour; it is truly a must-see.

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Midland Harbour Town Docks
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