Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Since opening its doors in December 2006, guests of Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain have discovered the age-old tradition of Thermal/Nordic waters in a outdoor setting. Situated at the foot of the UNESCO protected Niagara Escarpment, minutes from downtown Collingwood & Blue Mountain Resort, the spa is open all year. Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers a natural environment for a luxurious, healthful experience that aims to rejuvenate, relax & revitalize each guest. The experience begins as the body is warmed in a hot bath, wood-burning or Infrared sauna or steam room. This opens the pores and begins the detoxifying process. Then, a plunge into cold water rinses the toxins from the skin and closes the pores. The plunge also increases the heart rate and enhances blood circulation throughout the body. The third stage that of relaxation, helps re-establish equilibrium as systems return to a normal resting state. With the repetition of these three sequences, the body detoxifies, the mind calms and the spirit soars. Also available are Registered massage treatments, memberships, and a bistro serving fresh, local fare. Seasonal spa packages are offered in partnership with local area accommodators. Gift cards are available online or by phone.

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Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain
Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain
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