Sunset International Speedway

Every weekend starting the first weekend in May, to October, we host over 100 of Ontario's best Stock Car Drivers, in different classes and divisions, from Mini Stock, Super Stock, Late Model, as well OSCAAR and other divisions. We have seating for over 3,000, with wheelchair access. Our normal charge for an adult is $16, kids 11 and under are free, making it the best value as a Family Attraction. We work each year to provide Charities to raise awareness and money at all our races. Over the past 45 years Sunset Speedway has welcomed in excess of 1,6M visitors, which is a testament to the excitement it has provided to families. The cost of an average night out at Sunset Speedway is less than $50 with drinks and popcorn, if you have kids under 11, compare the cost of a movie, well you’d be lucky to get change for $100, as well the kids would have to be still and in their seats. An evening at the track is a great way to have a sport team sharing a bonding night out, the excitement is provided each week by our cast of drivers.

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Sunset International Speedway
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