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Beans, Grains & Flour

Thanks to food co-operatives and specialty stores, it’s getting easier to source beans, grains and flour locally.  In addition, you can find traditional and organic dried beans plus wheat, oats, specialty grains, spelt and puffed cereals.  Change up your favourite dishes and recipes by using unbleached, local wheat and whole-wheat flour or spelt, rye and pea flour.  kMilling in Beeton and Stone Bridge Flour in Ripley are suppliers of these products in BruceGreySimcoe.

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Natural Sweeteners

Sweetness comes naturally in BruceGreySimcoe – in our honey and maple syrup, that is…
Nothing, but nothing, tastes better than real maple syrup drizzled over pancakes, added to a steaming cup of coffee, as a glaze on salmon or mixed in with your morning porridge.  Maple syrup is a yummy sub for sugar in your baking, too, and adds a twist of smooth flavour to homemade BBQ sauce, ice cream and peameal bacon. Heaven!! Take it to the sweet limit with granulated maple sugar, teas, butter, candy, cookies and more.  And, maple syrup here is award-winning, too! Ziibaakdakaan Maple, from the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, won three top ten finishes at the Royal Agricultural World Fair in 2020. Celebrate the end of a cold, long winter at one of our many Maple Syrup Festivals and with Tap into Maple.
Local honey is pretty sweet, too, with honey producers and their busy bees found all over BruceGreySimcoe.  Perfect in tea, on warm toast or in a sauce, it’s a useful and versatile ingredient in many dishes. Producers like Dickey Bee Honey offer tours, workshops and delicious honey products (may not be offered during COVID-19).

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