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Natural Sweeteners

There’s nothing sweeter than the honey and maple syrup of BruceGreySimcoe. 

Beekeepers and their hives are tucked away all over the region, busy as the bees producing their sweet, golden honey.  Wonderful in tea, delicious on warm toast and a useful ingredient in cooking, it’s a versatile natural product. In Cookstown, award-winning Dickey Bee Honey gives you a chance to learn about Honey Bees and how fresh honey is made through tours, museum, beekeeping classes and workshops.

Add a new twist to traditional menus by using maple syrup when baking, cooking and grilling.  Always awesome on pancakes, try it on oatmeal, as a glaze for grilled salmon, over ice cream and in a flavourful BBQ sauce (try the Maple Whiskey Barbecue Sauce recipe on page 138 of the Come to Our Table cookbook).  Other sources of great maple flavour? Granulated maple sugar, teas, butter, candy, cookies and more (even soap!).  Make the most of the maple season and celebrate the end of a long, hard winter at one of our many Maple Syrup Festivals and with Tap into Maple.

Beans, Grains & Flour

As more BruceGreySimcoe stores focus on locally-sourced products, it’s easy to find local beans, grains and flour.  Area health food stores, specialty stores and some farmers’ markets carry traditional and organic dried beans as well as wheat, oats, specialty grains, spelt and even puffed cereals.  Try baking and cooking with a variety of locally milled flours, such as those at k2 Milling in Beeton including spelt, rye, barley and corn flour. 

Discover where in Bruce Grey Simcoe to buy honey, maple syrup, beans, grains and flours by clicking on the websites below.

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