10 reasons fall is better in BruceGreySimcoe

Sep 11, 2017

1. We smell better than a pumpkin spice latte... (but we still make a mean one) Step one, start your car. Step two, drive two or three hours north. Step three, get out and breathe in, really deeply. That smell is fall. Crisp leaves, fresh air, perhaps a waft of apples from an orchard or the aroma of dinner coming from a local restaurant. We like pumpkin spice as much as the next bloke but we like our fall scent best. And there are some fine coffee shops in our stunning downtowns that will serve up an exceptional pumpkin latte if that’s still what you’re hankering for.


photo courtesy of Grey County Tourism

2. You’ll actually need your Hunter boots here
First off, we like Hunter boots. Honestly, they are fun and colourful and when you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 above, you’re going to need them. Fall here can be sunny and hot and awesome but it can also be dramatic and rainy and muddy. And when you’re plucking fresh apples off a tree or picking your own pumpkin from the farmer’s patch, you’re going to know that the money you spent on those boots has finally paid off.


3. Fewer bugs; fewer people
You spent half the summer bathing in deet and hating it. Your time has finally come. You can actually go outside without slapping a mosquito or a blackfly. Dusk will once again be a time of peace and joy. And with fewer visitors and cars on the roads and at our key attractions, it really is the perfect time to visit.

4. It’s still warm enough to swim
I’m just sayin’ that Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, as well as our inland lakes like Simcoe and Eugenia, just spent all summer heating up. They are ready and waiting for you. Fall is the perfect time to experience our waterways au naturel or otherwise. And, as mentioned above, fewer people means fewer chances of getting caught in the act.

5.Our apples come from trees, not stores
You know those apples you buy in a pre-packaged plastic bag at the grocery store? Yep, you think you know what an apple tastes like, but you are about to get schooled. Come on up, head to a local orchard, gently twist your own ripe apple off the tree, wipe that baby on your cable knit sweater and take a bite. THAT is what an apple tastes like. Fill your trunk with bushel baskets and find some cold storage because those plastic bag apples are not gonna cut it henceforth.


6. It’s surf season brah
Fall, it comes with some crazy forecasts. Wind, waves, dramatic skies and, yes, some amazing extended summer beach days. Well, you know who’s chomping at the bit for those frothy forecasts? The Great Lakes Surfers. More wind on the Great Lakes adds up to more waves. There are plenty of great places to surf in BruceGreySimcoe. Whether you’re looking to get in the lineup or just watch the ‘crazy people’ keep your eyes peeled for surfable waves in Kincardine, Inverhuron, Sauble Beach, Meaford and even Collingwood and Wasaga Beach.


Photo courtesy of Grey County Tourism

7. The fall colours are lit
Seriously, you haven’t been this excited about colours since you got a fresh pack of Crayolas back in grade school. Your Instagram account is about to get real. There are literally epic views at every turn. Whether you’re hiking, biking, paddling, climbing or driving, you’ll be stopping for photos from dawn til dusk and posting like a demon. Pack your phone—or better yet a real camera—find a scenic lookout and wait for the magic. #nofilter


8. Sweat free cardio opportunities are everywhere
I know, I know, we should all spend more time exercising. But the downside of summer exercise is the sheen and odour that accompany exertion. This is yet another reason why fall rocks. Get your cardio on, with a road bike up to Epping or a hike up Blue Mountain, and you’ll be distinctly less sweaty than during the summer months. Honestly, it’s nice not needing a shower after every outing. Fall cardio is where it’s at.


9. Beer, wine, cider: The fall trifecta
So maybe this isn’t the best follow up to our cardio discussion, but there are delicious local drinks everywhere up here. Pair your autumn outdoor adventure with some local aprés at our wineries, cideries and breweries. Nothing says fall like charcuterie and a tasting on the patio at Coffin Ridge. You can thank us later.
Photo courtesy of Grey County Tourism
10. We legit want you to see this place
Summers get busy up here, they really do. We love sharing our region and we’re especially keen to show off our fall colours and autumnal splendour. We like to laugh, we like to live it up and we seriously love fall. Come on up and join us!
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